Helping you achieve the best from your marketing

If your business needs cost-effective marketing services Sheba Marketing will help you achieve your objectives. Whether it’s to grow the business, launch a campaign, or just to have more time to do other things, we’ll work closely with you to get you what you need.

Through the principal consultant, and a network of creative professionals, we offer services including interim marketing management and content writing, for B2B clients. Our clients get the benefit of access to years of marketing and content management expertise… they can also expect:

  • Excellent and reliable account management services – taking the hassle out of outsourcing
  • Access to specialist skills on a project-by-project basis and the flexibility to call on us when required – we’ll be there with the right solution when you need us
  • A professional and friendly approach to projects – a bonus from any viewpoint

… Essentially everything you’d want from an experienced in-house team – in an accessible and cost-effective format.